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MD formulations skin care anti ageing facial creams




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MD formulations anti ageing face creams
MD Formulations' technologically advanced skin care products operate as a total system to promote beautiful healthy-looking skin. Simply follow our Four Step Regimen: Cleanse-Correct-Hydrate-Protect and you'll see dramatic results in no time at all. We utilize the optimum levels of therapeutic and active ingredients clinically proven to be safe and deliver beautiful results.

Are MD Formulations products suitable for men?
Absolutely, men will benefit from using our professional skincare to address concerns from acne to sun damage and aging. Many of our customers find Moisture Defense Serum ideal for soothing razor burn.

Does MD Formulations incorporate antioxidants in their products?
Yes, MD Formulations is at the forefront of antioxidant technology.
In fact, our entire line of Vit-A-Plus and Moisture Defense products incorporate powerful and stable antioxidants. Antioxidants are proven essential to strengthening, defending, and repairing skin damage from environmental exposure.

How much younger will I look?
Five years? Ten years? Just imagining how much younger you'd look if you didn't have any skin damage! Now ask your skin care professional what combination of products will give you the
best results.

Is skin tingling normal when using an AHA product?
Yes. A moderate amount of tingling is normal when AHA products are first applied. It should subside within a few seconds, depending on your skin sensitivity. If the tingling is uncomfortable, wait 15 to 30 minutes after cleansing before application of another AHA product. For sensitive skin, try MD Formulations Sensitive Skin products made with our unique Sensitive Skin Complex formula to soothe and calm.

What about AHA and Sun Sensitivity?
Use MD Formulations products in conjunction with an effective sunscreen. Two excellent examples are MD Formulations Total Daily Protector SPF 15 and Total Protector 30 which contain micronized zinc oxide, one of the best sunscreens. They provide broad-spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays, and are recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation. They also contain Vitamin E for added protection against the effects of environmental aging and allantoin, which promotes healing and helps prevent chafed, cracked or windburned skin and lips.

What can MD Formulations products do for me?
MD Formulations products contain Alpha Hydroxy Acid and other specialized ingredients that help exfoliate dead skin cells and increase moisturization of your skin. As the dry outer skin layer
is exfoliated, fine lines and wrinkles become less noticeable, skin tones become balanced and younger, healthier, smoother - looking skin is revealed.

What makes MD Formulations unique when compared to other Alpha Hydroxy Acid skin care products?
Many of the MD Formulations products are made with Glycolic Acid and are pH balanced to be gentle. Glycolic Acid is a form of Alpha Hydroxy Acid found naturally in cane sugar. It is believed to be the most effective AHA because its small molecular size delivers faster, more efficient skin penetration — providing quick, noticeable improvement to the look and feel of your skin.

When can I expect to see results?
Your skin will most likely become softer and smoother within a few days and improvement will occur with continued use. The look of fine lines will seem to disappear, and the overall tone and texture of your skin will become more even. Additionally, professional treatments are available at salons and other skin care centers. Our salon based treatments can accelerate the results obtained from the home care products.







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