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Laser i lipo

i lipo
I-Lipo laser inch loss and weight loss treatments



What does it do? It gives an immediate inch loss and can reduce cellulite


What are the benefits?

  • Cost effective
  • Targeted inch loss
  • No needles, pain or surgery
  • Quick results
  • May get an inch loss immediately

Before and after pictures

Which areas can i-lipo treat?
Thighs, buttocks, stomach, calfs, knees, arms, "lovehandles", hips and the chin.
Who is i-lipo suitable for?
It works equally well for men and women. There are a few medical conditions that would prevent treatment. A full medical questionnaire will be completed by your i-lipo therapist at the first consultation. Best results are achieved by healthy adults who wish to spot reduce particular problem areas.

Ilipo can spot reduce problem areas
Number of treatments and frequency
For maximum results a course of 4-8 treatments is recommended per body area, twice per week.
How long is a treatment session?
A typical i-lipo session takes 30 minutes.  30-40 minutes of gentle exercise is then necessary either immediately after, or within a few hours of i lipo.
Laser i-lipo an alternative to invasive liposuction surgery
How long will the effects last?
As long as your diet, weight and exercise routine remains constant, a booster i-lipo treatment should not be necessary. However, one treatment performed now and then is a good incentive to keep you in control.
How much inch loss can I achieve?
The results vary from person to person depending on your size. The more committed you are to the treatment, the better results you will see. A healthy diet needs to be adhered to and it is important to follow an exercise programme. Exercise will enable the fat released from the laser i-lipo treatment to be used up as energy. Exercise equipment is available on the premises.


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